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DIV3RSIONS (Renaissance Dances Recomposed)

Collection of chamber miniatures based on renaissance dance music. DIV3RSIONS is a cutting-edge collaboration between Damian Marhulets with world-renowned klezmer/jazz clarinetist David Krakauer and classical pianist/composer Marina Baranova – two exceptional innovators who take musical genres places they have never been.


STELLAR - Wandering Stars Suite

STELLAR - wandering stars suite is an electroacoustic composition touching upon themes of stellar nucleosynthesis and ancient egyptian mysticism. Channeling the work of the legendary 16th century Danish astronomer/alchemist Tycho Brache, dark romaticism of E.A. Poe and modern stellar geometry, the suite of eleven miniatures references baroque doom, vintage SF film music and surreal click'n'cuts electronics. Scored for historic keyboard instruments, both acoustic and electric guitars and electronics, the music is alternately romantic, ominous, enigmatic and hypnotic. .



Inspired by an unmade film about strange friendship of Wolfgang Pauli and Carl G. Jung Damian Marhulets wrote a piece for string quartet, prepared piano and electronics. The project is a reconstruction of an imagined filmscore from 1979.


TRIANGULATION - A/V Performance for Piano Duo and Electronics

...The interplay between two pianists is structured by strictly ordered blocks of generative music followed by improvised parts. Piano cadences encounter prickly and cold computer generated sounds. Wide-spanning chords, melodic sequences and cluster drones are transformed in realtime by electronic manipulation into floating rhythms and microscopic loops. The result is a synergistic blend of synthetic sounddesign and acoustic passages that emerges in form of a virtual soundscape made of carefully structured noise and distorted silence – a boundless form of „high-tech meditation".

/ Visual /

STELLAR - the Movie

STELLAR - Project started as an electroacoustic composition created by Damian Marhulets. The musical piece explores the theme of constellations, of temporary and imaginary connections between astronomical objects that constantly remain in motion.

This multitude of perspectives which the music creates leaves plenty of space for visual interpretation. Damian Marhulets has brought together eleven international artists to create an animated film based on individual interpretations of the music. Each artist has let one of the tracks inspire a storyline and a short animated film. The project aims to combine these individual films and the music into an audio-visual whole – following a constellation model, in which a non-linear connection between the individual parts can develop and form a firmament of artistic visions.