STELLAR - Art Exhibition

STELLAR - Wandering Stars Suite was born as an electroacoustic composition by Damian Marhulets. The music piece is touching upon themes of stellar nucleosynthesis and ancient Egyptian mysticism. Channeling the work of the legendary 16th century Danish astronomer/alchemist Tycho Brache, dark romaticism of E.A. Poe and modern stellar geometry, the suite of eleven miniatures references baroque doom, vintage SF film music and surreal click'n'cuts electronics. 

This multitude of perspectives which the music creates leaves plenty of space for visual interpretation. In addition to concert performances and international animation anthology project (currently in production), STELLAR - Wandering Stars Suite is also an innovative art exhibition aiming to create a real-world space filled with artifacts and all kind of bizarre objects from the universe of STELLAR - Project.

The first exhibition was produced in a collaboration with the Nord/LB Bank Hannover and took place in November 2015 in the Nord/LB Art Gallery (Hannover, Germany).

Artists: Merlin Fluegel, Kaoru Hirano, Petra Kaltenmorgen, Aya and Jason Brown, Thomas Behling, Marina Baranova, Anatoli Ulyanov, Anna Budanova, Alexander Svirsky, Laura Carton, Helen Acosta Iglesias, Dmitry Geller, Damian Marhulets, Vera Burmester

Funded by Nord/LB Kulturstiftung

Curated by Damian Marhulets & Helena Gakalowa

Damian Marhulets