Oboe + Electronics. Solo-project

Transit.Nihil is Damian Marhulets' solo-performance for oboe and electronic. Combinig the slinky transparency of electronic scapes with a strong physicalness of the acoustic instrument, Transit.Nihil creates the hybrid reality made of virtual images and vectors of potential states.

Beeing explicitly rooted in the word of flesh on the one hand, the sounds tend to transgress the legetimized reality of frozen meanings and repressive narration. The ongoing transition may be understood as a personal and highly intimate ritual which transforms physical manifestations into abstract streams of information. The other important tension field of transit.nihil lies between the abstract enviroment of the outside world and claustrophobic area of closed personality, which is underlined by the physicalness of the woodwind instrument. This is a journey beyond the narration. Both the fragments of the outside reality and the trails of the individual perception becomes disintegrated from their logocentric core.

Transit.NihiL CD Release (Auster Records, 2011)

(available on CD and on all major streaming platforms)


The duality of the enviroment and the protagonist reflected in the combinatition of electronic soundscapes with an acoustic instrument is only an initial situation, which is ongoing redefined, extended and transformed through different musical contexts, improvisation and live-processing of the oboe sound. Being stung by the mutating gene of digital technology, the oboe rids itself of its historical context and becomes a chimera composed of parts of its past and future meanings – a cyborg travelling between virtual worlds.

“Transit: Intern” Musicvideo

(Video by Adam Brylowski)