Displaced Meanings

Experimental Turntablism, Solo Project

In 2009 Damian Marhulets wrote his graduation thesis titled „From play back machine to music instrument: Studies on the history of composing with the turntable“. Shortly afterwards he began his solo project Displaced Meanings, in which he occupied himself with the possibilities of the turntable at various levels. 

Live @Berghain, with DJ Olive

Displaced Meanings dwells on shining putrefaction of frozen data and skin traumas of the medium. It can be understood as a cyber-shamanistic catabasis between data necrology and dazzling geometries of post-narrative structures. The turntable is considered here an undead machine imbued with necrophilic intimacy of anonymous dreams and meanings; a musical instrument, with which one can investigate hidden details and forgotten traces in trusted musical objects.

In place of a typical DJ setup with two turntables Damian works only with one turntable extended, however, through different noisemakers, effect machines, prepared guitar and self programmed instruments. Some of theDisplaced Meanings performances incorporate visual parts, such as 8bit games worm-eaten with terminal glitches or vintage adult game animations drowned in pixel error slime.

“8 1/2 Bits”, Live in ZKM