1) #HYPERSUITES: Improvisations, Variations and Remixes on Baroque Masters

#HYPERSUITES - Marina Baranova’s latest program is s based on the graceful and deeply moving music of baroque period - original works by Handel, Rameau, Bach and others provide a foundation for the brilliant improvisations and deeply personal reinterpretations. The pianist utilizes several music styles - from classic to jazz and modern pop music - to create this stunning reimagining of baroque repertoire.

2) Damian Marhulets - DIV3RSIONS: Renaissance Dances Recomposed

DIV3RSIONS is a cutting-edge collaboration between Germany-based composer and electronic artist Damian Marhulets with world-renowned klezmer/jazz clarinetist David Krakauer and classical pianist and composer Marina Baranova – two exceptional innovators who take musical genres places they have never been.

Some of the Highlights from the 2015 Concert Tour (produced by Marhulets Agency):

  • Berliner Philharmonie
  • die Glocke, Bremen
  • BOZAR - Centre for Fine Arts
Damian Marhulets