STELLAR - the Movie

STELLAR - Wandering Stars Suite is an electroacoustic composition created by Germany-based composer and media artist Damian Marhulets, who worked closely together with guitarist Frank Bungarten and pianist Marina Baranova. The project explores the theme of constellations, of temporary and imaginary connections between astronomical objects that constantly remain in motion.

This multitude of perspectives which the music creates leaves plenty of space for visual interpretation. Damian Marhulets has brought together eleven international artists to create an animated film based on individual interpretations of the music. Each artist has let one of the tracks inspire a storyline and a short animated film. The project aims to combine these individual films and the music into an audio-visual whole – following a constellation model, in which a non-linear connection between the individual parts can develop and form a firmament of artistic visions.

Flora Moilinie "Fobos and Deimos"


The artists have used and interpreted the unifying theme of constellations in a variety of ways. Merlin Flügel, for example, depicts several creatures representing constellations such as Scorpio and Capricorn. The creatures’ journey ends in a dark lake, in which their bodies become translucent, joining together and transforming into a starry sky.

Sasha Svirsky provides a striking contrast to these dark, ominous scenes. With vivid colours and distinct shapes, his character is bound to and moved by the rhythm of Marhulet’s music. The rhythm leads him to the top of a building, from which he plunges into darkness. The abyss, however, turns into a night-time sky, and his body joins the stars to form new constellations.

In Alexandra Hetmerova’s animation, the moon illuminates a surreal scene in which a city seems frozen in time as all of its citizens have fallen asleep in the middle of activity, no matter where they are. Around them, the environment moves and changes while they remain motionless.

Aya and Jason Brown "Firmament"

The animations all capture the music’s state of motion and connections, each portraying transience and transformation. The characters experience journeys which alter them, shape them, and connect them to other beings and the world as a whole.

Produced by Damian Marhulets

Funded by nordmedia – Film- and Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen / Bremen mbH

Damian Marhulets