Audio-visual Performance for two grand Pianos and Electronics (Damian Marhulets, 2013)

Triangulation ia a process of determining the location of a point by measuring angles to it from known points at either end of a fixed baseline. The performance title refers to a historical method of cartography and describes artistic strategy of the trio. Pulsation, audible landscapes and static sound waves mixed with plastic deformation of the video images reference an endless space made of sound and light which is being mapped during the performance from a „bird’s-eye view“.

The fundamental openness of the music along with their abstract emotional sensitivity are the starting points for a new aesthetic of the (piano-) sound that unfolds in the ears of the listeners.

Photo by Jo Titze

The interplay between two pianists is structured by strictly ordered blocks of generative music followed by improvised parts. Piano cadences encounter prickly and cold computer generated sounds. Wide-spanning chords, melodic sequences and cluster drones are transformed in realtime by electronic manipulation into floating rhythms and microscopic loops. The result is a synergistic blend of synthetic - and acoustic passages that emerges in form of a virtual soundscape made of carefully structured noise and distorted silence – a boundless form of „high-tech meditation“